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Guest Content Casting

Enable Your Hotel Guests to Effortlessly Stream Their Personal Content Directly to the In-Room TV.

Our Guest Content Solution makes it easier for hotel guests to stream their favorite movies, music, and TV shows on their in-room TV. Unlike AirPlay or Miracast, our solution allows guests to keep using their device’s other apps while streaming content.

It also enables unlimited device pairing during the stay, and with one-step authentication, guests can start streaming faster than they can order room service. 

Guests With Certainly Love a Seamless and User Friendly Solution

Hoteliers Will Love It

Our Content Casting Solution is a cloud-managed system that uses an in-room Chromecast device for easy setup, management, and maintenance. With everything managed through a single web portal, from hardware auto-discovery to signal monitoring and setup, it provides a hassle-free solution. 

Furthermore, it transforms all connected TVs into custom digital signage, allowing your brand to update messaging across multiple screens within minutes, making it a unique and powerful solution for digital content display.

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