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Building Management Systems (BMS)

Optimizing Building Control for Improved Energy Efficiency, Occupant Safety, and Comfort.

The HSC BMS solution is designed to suit building management needs by improving energy efficiency, reducing operational downtime, and maximizing space utilization. This is achieved by integrating heating, ventilation, air conditioning, safety, lighting, plumbing, life safety and access systems into a single point of view and control.

Our BMS system aims to help building managers understand their building operations. This allows them to monitor, control and adjust sub-systems thus optimizing building performance, and enhancing the comfort and safety of occupants.

Benefits of Our BMS

Detailed Energy Efficiency Reports

These save management efforts by easily generating customized reports, e.g., billing per area (tenant/department), the audit and consumption.

Daily Energy Consumption
This enables the detection of inefficient energy usage by comparing multiple days across 24-hour periods and using this information to make informed decisions.
Utility System Maintenance
Maintain, repair and automate existing HVAC, lighting, water and power systems as well as other essential equipment
Daily Energy Consumption
Control and understand your facility’s energy usage by tracking consumption and analyzing data
Energy Regression Analysis

One is able to compare consumption with the line-of-best-fit against outdoor temperature, degree days, or any other value of interest.

Increase Occupant Comfort

Meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants while also increasing your operational and energy efficiency.

Be a Fast Mover of Cutting-Edge Green Technologies

Green buildings have higher financial value and lower energy consumption. Join the green building revolution and reduce operational costs while making a positive impact on the environment, communities, and economy.

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