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Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Energy Management and IoT Solutions for Delightful Modern Guest Room Experiences

As a leading provider of energy management and automation solutions, we offer an integrated Guest Room Management System (GRMS) designed to enhance the guest experience, increase energy efficiency, and streamline the management of guest rooms.

Our GRMS combines innovative energy management, , lighting control, and room automation system to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced, room automation system for the modern guest room.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Interfaces

The GRMS provides guests and hotel management with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces for controlling various elements of the guest room, including the lights, temperature, curtains, and other electronic devices. Either from touch screen interface, mobile app, or voice commands.

How Our GRMS Helps

Room Automation
Ultimate in-room control and integration, connecting all the electronic devices to control room temperature, lighting, and drapes.
Lighting Control
More than just being able to turn lights on and off… lighting control that provides comfort, safety, and convenience for the guest’s stay.
Energy Management
Offers multifaceted solutions to the hotel’s need for efficiency and reliability in energy management and guest satisfaction.
Electronic Locking
INNCOM Deep Mesh Network provides an Intelligent Central Locking system that allow you to manage guests and rooms.
Integration Ecosystem
INNCOM technology allows seamless integration with divergent systems from other hospitality technology providers.
Property Analytics
Three dimensional rendering of the property as part of the rreal-time display of building information.

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