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Smart Digital Signage Systems

Engage, Entice and Inform with HSC Systems' Cloud-based Smart Digital Signage

Our Smart Digital Signage Solution is a powerful platform that allows businesses to deliver engaging content to their audience through displays.

With features like content creation, scheduling, and real-time updates, digital signage is a perfect marketing and communication tool for retail stores, hotels, corporate offices and other businesses that want to enhance customer experience and increase engagement.

Supports a Wide Range of Dynamic Content

Our Digital Signage Solution offers a flexible and intuitive platform for businesses to showcase a wide range of dynamic content, from images and videos, to web pages, and live feeds such as news, weather, and flights. Show it all through intutive layouts.

Turn Any Screen Into Your Digital Signage

Our digital signage solution is designed to be a cost-effective option for businesses. It does not require any expensive hardware to work and only needs a TV with an HDMI port. If you happen to own smart signage displays, you can even skip the set-top box.

Help People Find Their Way Around

Your screens can effectively balance multiple wayfinding goals. For instance, you can use meeting room overview screens, digital door signs, and welcoming screens to help visitors navigate your premises with ease.

This can include assisting hospital visitors to find the right ward or directing conference delegates to the training center.

Quick Features

Manage your signage, plan design content, and schedule it from anywhere.

Easily create beautiful content using images, videos, text and more.

Fully hosted and integrated through the cloud, so it’s fully scalable.

Integrate with booking systems like Office 365 to manage conference spaces and more.

We manage the back-end servers, redundancies, and backups, so you never have to.
Share creation and management duties with your team.

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Ready to enhance your business’s visual presence and engage your audience with dynamic content? Try our Digital Signage Solution today and see the difference for yourself.

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