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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Protect Lives and Property With Reliable Fire Alarm Systems From HSC Systems.

As part of our ELV solutions, we provide comprehensive fire detection, alarm and voice evacuation solutions designed to provide superior protection to lives and property in commercial and residential buildings. Our solutions are versatile, easy-to-use, and designed to provide greater control over building safety.

Addressable For Faster Response

HSC fire systems use a series of sensors and monitoring equipment to detect fire occurences and activate interconnected alarm systems. All system components including optical smoke/ heat detectors, control panels, beacon sounders, strobes and break glasses are addressable. This ensures safety teams have an easy time monitoring and pinpointing the affected point. The end result is the fast response to any type of fire hazard.

Integration With Voice Evacuation

By integrating fire detection systems with voice alarm and evacuation systems, our systems facilitates planned and orderly voice evacuation procedures during an emergency. To cater for the hearing-impaired, sounders with inbuilt strobe lighting provide visual warnings and alerts to indicate emergencies.

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