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Emergency Voice Evacuation & PA

Voice Alarms for Efficient and Organized Evacuation during Fire Alarms or Emergencies.

HSC advises installing an EVAC system in high-occupancy buildings for effective and orderly evacuation during emergency situations. Our Voice EVAC system allows you to process and store an array of stored pre-recorded messages that can be played back during a fire alarm or when evacuation is necessary. The system also grants the operator control with the ability to intervene and make announcements using a paging microphone or a fireman’s microphone.

Benefits to the Client

Our public address and voice alarm solution captures the essence of a planned and informed evacuation to achieve the following:
Inform and Guide Occupants
Inform if evacuation is required, and allows for safe evacuation routes in a building.
Pre-recorded Announcements

These save management efforts by easily generating customized reports, e.g., billing per area (tenant/department), the audit and consumption.

Integrated EVAC and Music Playback

At HSC, we understand the importance of having a seamless and efficient emergency evacuation system in high-occupancy buildings. To simplify installations and ensure ease of use, we offer an integrated EVAC and Background Music (BGM) solution.

This solution allows for smooth background music playback and immediate intervention when an emergency evacuation is triggered. The combination of these two essential systems in one solution greatly reduces the complexity of installation and enhances the overall functionality of the system during emergency situations.

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