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Interactive Hotel IPTV Systems

Robust and Flexible IPTV Solutions for Hospitality Industry Across Africa.

HSC provides an Interactive Hotel IPTV solution that is robust, flexible and built on a cloud-based architecture. Designed to work across multiple platforms, our IPTV solution delivers a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets, and smartphones. 

With its Smart Hotel TVs implementation, the IPTV can significantly reduce investment costs by using existing network infrastructure such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and coax.

Core Features of Our IPTV

Guest Entertainment

Our Interactive Hotel IPTV system provides a complete and sophisticated entertainment experience for hotel guests. With a user-friendly interface, guests can easily access a wide range of TV channels, movies, and other multimedia content from the comfort of their rooms.

Communications & Marketing
Our IPTV system integrates seamlessly with existing hotel infrastructure, providing hotel management with cloud-based communications and marketing channels that can be used for branding and revenue-generating opportunities.
Screen Casting
Through an inbuilt Casting Feature, our IPTV systems allow guests to stream Netflix and services in their hotel room Smart TVs, giving them a true BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) experience during their stay.
Room Management
Maximize your revenue by speeding up room turnover. With our interactive IPTV solutions, your staff can access essential tools from any device with internet connection or in-room TV. The instant room status reporting to PMS makes cleaned and empty rooms readily available for resale.

Otrum Enterprise:
Our IPTV Partner

We are Otrum’s platinum and exclusive partner in Sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership allows us to offer a robust, flexible and on-the-cloud IPTV solution designed to work across multiple platforms and delivers a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets and smart-phones.
Traditional TV systems can’t compete with the quality and simplicity of Otrum IPTV solution

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